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Projects Active as of 2017-06-08

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Project No. Bldg No. Project Name Construction Completion Date PM
16DM067864Wesbrook Building Air Handling Unit No. 1 Steam/HW Conversion2017-09-30Steve Ahluwalia
17AVED001656Hebb Building Renewal Phase 1 - Design2019-08-30Jay Hiscox
17AVED051CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Fume Hood Face Velocity2017-10-12Aletha Utimati
17AVED069CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus NCE Standby Power and Electrical Separation2018-08-31Kyle Reese
17SPLS002652Hennings Building Lecture Theatre 200 Design2017-12-29Anita Ryder
17SPLS005CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Theatres ADO/Accessibility2017-10-31Darren Wong
17SPLS010308The Leonard S. Klinck Building Room 121 Renovation2017-12-29Anita Ryder
18AVED001652Hennings Building Washroom Renovations2017-09-30Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED002CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Elevator Modernizations (2 bldgs) - Construction2017-09-29Darren Wong
18AVED003515Sedgewick Library External Planter Repairs2018-02-28Jayant Jethwa
18AVED004575Music Building Distribution, Panel Boards, and Feeders2017-10-31Karen Koyama
18AVED005046Asian Centre Fire Alarm System Renewal2017-11-22Karen Koyama
18AVED006461Biomedical Research Centre Roofing and Skylight2017-12-11Karen Koyama
18AVED007408Thea Koerner House Exterior Repairs - Screens2017-10-02James Cornelia
18AVED008CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Roofing and Skylights (2 Bldgs)2018-12-28James Cornelia
18AVED009376Frederic Wood Theatre Revolving Stage Renewal - Construction2018-01-08Aletha Utimati
18AVED010570Museum of Anthropology Envelope, Seismic, and Lighting2018-12-28Ryan Huffman
18AVED012184Coal and Mineral Processing Laboratory Roof Replacement2018-01-12Aletha Utimati
18AVED015017Old Administration Building Washroom Renovations2018-01-26Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED016428War Memorial Gymnasium Main Electrical Service Renewal2017-10-14Karen Koyama
18AVED017112Brock Hall - West Wing Fire Alarm System Renewal2017-11-22Karen Koyama
18AVED018518Mathematics Building Exterior Painting2017-10-31Jayant Jethwa
18AVED021CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Fume Hood Face Velocity Program (2 bldgs)2018-02-26Aletha Utimati
18AVED023022Lower Mall Research Station 3rd Floor Renovations2017-10-31Jayant Jethwa
18AVED026022Lower Mall Research Station Electrical Distribution Upgrade2017-11-06Karen Koyama
18AVED031529Life Sciences Centre Morgue Refrigeration / Dehumidification2018-03-30Nelly Francois
18AVED032130Chan Centre for The Performing Arts Air-Cooled Chiller Renewal2018-01-31Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED034166Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems / Computer Science Addition Chiller Replacement2018-01-31Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED035021Landscape Architecture Annex Roof Replacement2018-08-01Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED036024-5Lower Mall Header House Roof Replacement2018-08-01Steve Ahluwalia
18AVED037523-3Medical Sciences Block C Front Entrance & Floor Replacement2017-10-20Daniel Cini
HWL-019019Bio-Energy Research and Demonstration Facility HX Relocation2017-10-18Steve Ahluwalia
HWL-021021Landscape Architecture Annex DES Boiler Installation Code Certification2017-10-27Daniel Cini
HWL-065065Biological Sciences Building - West Wing Legacy Boiler Replacement2017-10-27Daniel Cini
HWL-199199David Strangway Building New Gas Powered Boiler - Design Only2017-12-15Daniel Cini
HWL-376376Frederic Wood Theatre Additional Hydronic Heaters2017-09-29Daniel Cini
HWL-HX1CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Replace Existing DHW HX2018-04-30Aaron Mogerman
HWL-LEAKCAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Recalibrate Existing Leak Detection System2017-09-29Daniel Cini
HWL-PE1903Ponderosa Commons: Audain Art Centre / Spruce House Connect to DES/Repair Existing Breeching2017-12-01Daniel Cini
HWL-PHD724Power House Power House Demolition2020-07-27Mike Champion
HWL-PS2CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Heating Review and New Electrical Heating2017-10-31Jayant Jethwa
R-066066Biological Sciences Building - North Wing Undergraduate Life Science Teaching Labs Renewals2018-08-31Kyle Reese
R-066B064Biological Sciences Building Undergraduate LS Teaching Labs Renew - Centre Wing2018-08-31Kyle Reese
R-066C064Biological Sciences Building Undergraduate LS Teaching Labs Renew - New Bldg2018-08-31Kyle Reese
R-570-2570Museum of Anthropology Phase 2 - Theatre, Green Room, and Washrooms2018-12-28Ryan Huffman
SR021714F836Iona Building Room 020 (A & B) Data Storage - CFI2017-12-22James Cornelia
SR026634CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus Classroom Access Upgrade2017-10-27Darren Wong
SR055695568Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery The Cumbria - Restoration and Relocation2018-03-16Darren Wong
SR058492465Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health MRI Imaging Suite 3T Scanner Fit-out - CFI2018-05-31Jay Hiscox
SR082914CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus VAV Exhaust2017-12-15Daniel Cini
SR085375139Environmental Services Facility - Office Office Trailer Replacement2017-10-23Aletha Utimati
SR085758057Centre for Comparative Medicine Domestic Hot Water System Optimization2017-11-24Ryan Huffman
SR087843570Museum of Anthropology Heat Recovery Chiller Installation2018-04-27Ryan Huffman
SR088052CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus CIRDI Office Relocation to Robson Square2017-10-31Nelly Francois
SR094868A641University Services Building Oil Interceptor2017-10-12Steve Ahluwalia
SR095029797Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Call Centre - Design Only2017-11-17Darren Wong
SR098256020The Brimacombe Building Room 446 Clean Room Renewal2019-05-31Jayant Jethwa
SR099502088Botanical Gardens Area Education Pods2017-11-10Darren Wong
SR102277020The Brimacombe Building EB Welding Booth High Head Lab2017-10-18Aletha Utimati
SR103547568Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Outdoor Artwork - The Shadow2018-01-19Darren Wong
SR104142461Biomedical Research Centre Stem Cell Research Lab Renovations2017-12-31Karen Koyama
SR105464465Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health Level 3 Renovation2017-12-20Jay Hiscox
SR106464308The Leonard S. Klinck Building Shower Facility 2017-10-13Steve Ahluwalia
SR112861023Henry Angus Building Building Envelope Investigation2017-09-30Steve Ahluwalia
SR115033353Forest Sciences Centre Tim Hortons Renovation2017-12-29Aletha Utimati
SR115530846Biological Archive Centre Full Building Demolition2017-11-17Nelly Francois
SR115740465Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health PET/MRI Scanner Installation - CFI2018-05-31Jay Hiscox
SR116140CAMPUSUBC Point Grey Campus North and West Parkade Upgrades2017-12-29Darren Wong
SR116164515-1Walter C. Koerner Library Various Renovations2018-11-30Jay Hiscox
SR117447112-1Brock Hall - East Wing Room 2000 Upgrade - Phase 22017-10-31Nelly Francois
SR118823130Chan Centre for The Performing Arts Electronic Sign Installation2018-01-19Darren Wong
SR119132606Technology Enterprise Facility 3 (Tef3) 5th Floor Office Layout Changes2017-10-02Aletha Utimati
SR121851521District Energy Centre New Mezzanine2017-12-15Nelly Francois
SR121957869-1Walter H. Gage Residence - Common Block Mechanical Rooms - Misc. Demolition and Finishes2017-09-29Daniel Cini
SR123049529Life Sciences Centre Foundation Wall Repair2018-10-26Nelly Francois
SR124208198J. B. Macdonald Building Mechanical Room Membrane Replacement2017-09-28Steve Ahluwalia
SR125717431Robert F. Osborne Centre - Unit 2 AHU Replacement2017-11-03Daniel Cini
SR126997020-1The Brimacombe Building Addition Lithography Room 63 & 652018-01-31Jayant Jethwa
SR129974797Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Chiller Replacement2017-11-06Daniel Cini
SR130375112Brock Hall - West Wing Interior Alterations2017-12-29Nelly Francois
SR130378606Technology Enterprise Facility 3 (Tef3) Suite 408 Renovation2017-12-01Aletha Utimati

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